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Tom, Dick & Harry

Small Robot Co

Initial Ideation and Concept Development of "Tom" their Autonomous scout robot


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The Problem

Project Background

The Small Robot Co approached Conficio to help develop a new scout robot called Tom. They wanted to explore what could be possible aesthetically and different possible ways the robot could be developed. There were a couple of clear design constraints such as the overall size and the need to have independently operated wheels that each had its own suspension.

Key Objectives:

The Solution

How we overcame the challenge

Initial research was carried out and mood boards created to quickly identify the styling cues that Small Robot Co wanted to develop and what styling cues they wanted to avoid. This allowed the team to start with a clear brief when generating different concepts and exploring possible different options for both the wheels but also the folding arm mechanism. Several design reviews were held with Small Robot Co to hone in the development to a point they were happy to progress with developing an initial working protyotype that can be seen below. From this point Tom V2 was developed to have a more modular appraoch accomodating a range of differetn uses and adapting to specific tasks.

Key Challenges:

What we did

Design Services Required

Hardware Design After Hover

Industrial Design

Research, Ideation &

Concept Development

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