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Actuator board for an AI System

AI Baby Stroller

Hardware resource was required to support the in-house engineers


Artificial Intelligence | Baby Stroller | AI Controlled Actuator Board | USB Hub | ESP32 

The Problem

Project Background

A client had a prototype schematic and PCB design that was based on in house testing results and development boards. In order to get to market effectively a Design for Manufacture (DFM) solution was required. Additional USB features were required and simplification of the overall design.

Key Objectives:

The Solution

How we overcame the challenge

Conficio worked with the client to identify the critical aspects of the design (in this case 2 ESP32 processors and location of connectors). Once these has been fixed, our hardware department created a schematic that included an I2S Audio Interface, SD card and an integrated USB hub with onboard USB UART and JTAG for each processor.
After the client had approved the schematic, the team was able to create the PCBs. These were internally reviewed and then manufactured using our preferred suppliers.
The software engineers at Conficio set the USB hub and FTDI Chip to work to setup the programming and JTAG instances. By modifying the OpenOCD scripts available for the ESP32 and FTDI chip it was possible to debug both processors simultaneously via a single USB connection.

Key Challenges:

What we did

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Electronic Design

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