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Asset Tracking System


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The Problem

Project Background

36Zero approached us with a requirement for an asset tracking system. The design was an iteration of an existing design that was built on a wireless mesh network. The design consisted of an asset tracker component and network infrastructure. Data regarding the movement of assets was transmitted from the asset tracker through the network to a cloud back end that was developed by the client. This information was then presented to the end user via a web app.

Key Objectives:

The Solution

How we overcame the challenge

Conficio used a nRF52 microcontroller to create a network that was able to cover a site. This allowed devices within the covered area to report their approximate location. The data was transported through the network to a gateway and forwarded to the client’s server.
During the project, component availability became an issue. Once the client had secured stock of the selected microcontroller, the PCB design was finalised and released to production.

Key Challenges:

What we did

Design Services Required

Industrial Design Hover

Industrial Design

Hardware Design After Hover

Electronic Design

Software Design After Hover

Software Development

Ideation to Prototype

Concept Development


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