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Trumpet Version of Air Guitar Hero

Airway Clearance Trumpet

Required full product development of the device and several protytype rounds fgor user trials


Digital Medical Musical Device | Trumpet | Tutti Toot | Cystic Fibrosis | Asthma

The Problem

Project Background

Having successfully gained grant funding, Tutti Toot was looking to progress their first prototype into a device that had increased functionality and was able to be re-produced for initial user trials. After the initial development a larger user trial was required so a batch of 15 units was supplied. This trial had great feedback and allowed Tutti Toot to look at gaining further funding and diversify its application into the Asthma treatment.

Key Objectives:

The Solution

How we overcame the challenge

Conficio created a flexi-rigid PCB that contained 3 cap sense buttons as well as a chain of LEDs to indicate pressure. A pressure sensor was located at the top of the PCB and a USB-C connector on the rear of the unit allowed for charging. The design used a Silicon Labs BGM processor that was able to offer Bluetooth support as well as interface to the various components in the system.

Key Challenges:

What we did

Design Services Required

Hardware Design After Hover

Product Development

Hardware Design After Hover

Industrial Design

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Electronic Design

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Software Development

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