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E-Bike Control Board

Brompton Bicycles Ltd.

PCB and Software resources were required.


Brompton Electric | E-Bike Controller | Hardware & Software Development | Test house support | Firmware Development

The Problem

Project Background

A client did not have the electronics resource inhouse to design and implement a control board for their system. The control board needed to integrate to a battery and motor whilst providing profile management and Bluetooth control. The space constraints of the board were critical.

Key Objectives:

The Solution

How we overcame the challenge

Our engineering team implemented the code on an Atmel SAM7 processor. This provided enough resource to be able to manage the algorithms, ADC measurements and CAN protocols effectively. Due to the multi-task requirements of the design, our team chose to implement the software on FreeRTOS. Using an operating system like this ensured that the time critical aspects of the design were able to be actioned effectively.
There were a number of ancillary components to the system, including a basic lighting system and Bluetooth. A Silicon Labs Bluetooth device was used as a co-processor in the design to pass data from a phone to the system.

Key Challenges:

What we did

Design Services Required

Product Development After Hover

Product Development

Hardware Design After Hover

Electronic Design

Software Design After Hover

Software Development


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