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The Internet of Things – Future Proofing Your Business

The Internet of Things, once a fairly incomprehensible ‘what if’, has now become a firm reality, that like it or not, we are already living. We are firmly connected in our own Matrix, already experiencing the addictive nature of instant accessibility, infotainment and a myriad of apps and systems designed by some genius wonder-tech’s to ensure we barely have to lift a finger to take a basic action in our lives. It is outstanding when you take a step back to really think about it!

From Hive making sure our heating is controlled comfortably depending on whatever rule we instruct, so when we step foot through that door, it’s already cozy and warm, to Alexa adding whatever we desperately need to our grocery shop without us having to set foot in the local supermarket – it’s already happening.

But have you thought about what this means for your business? Have you considered connectivity to the level that we need in today’s society, in order for your products to be groundbreaking and keep up with the competition? And what about your current product line; do you need to revisit your bread and butter in order to ensure that it doesn’t become obsolete? These are all questions we need to seriously consider.

Don’t panic – we’re here for you! Conficio Product Design invite you to attend our next Knowledge Drop event in our Stockbridge home, where we’ll have an open Q&A and networking session, allowing you to explore what sort of options are available to future proof your business. Our elite product design pro’s will be on hand for a casual chat to help you identify any quick wins, or longer-term gains and to really help you get a clear picture on how you can evolve your products and your business to be future-ready!

To get involved click here to secure your ticket! The event is free of charge and there will plenty of tea, coffee, cake and chit chat available on the day, of course!

If you have any trouble securing a ticket, please do get in touch at contact@conficio.design or call us on +44 (0) 1962 454 474. We look forward to welcoming you to the future.

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