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Electronic Design

Electronic design consists of the process of creating a schematic, laying out a PCB and generating the gerbers used to manufacture a printed circuit board. The team of specialist electronic design engineers at Conficio are on hand to listen, understand and provide any expert support, research, or analysis for your concept or project.

Electronic design involves the design, development and production of the electronic hardware that breathes life into your project.
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Electronic design at Conficio starts with the creation of a system diagram based on the functional requirements of the product. From this, timing information and interface requirements can be determined. The critical components, such as processors, IMUs and memory, are selected and added into the concept. Once the critical components have been shortlisted, calculations such as bandwidth requirements and battery life can be carried out. This will give an approximation of final performance.

The Schematic is then generated; this will add significant detail into the design and will involve the selection of the remaining components. This is reviewed by the team to ensure that the components selected work with the Industrial Design and that the interfaces between the devices are functionally correct. By having a full team review at this point, the possibilities of errors in the PCB layout are minimised.

Generally, the first step to creating a PCB is to import the board outline from CAD into the PCB design software. The main components, switches, LEDs, buttons and connectors can then be placed onto the board outline. At this stage, the working file is returned to Solidworks for review and clash analysis. Modifications are made by both Hardware, and Industrial product design teams during this phase of the development. The placement of both the CAD and PCB components is required to be signed off by both teams before tracking can commence, this avoids unnecessary rework.

PCB manufacture is undertaken by a trusted supplier. When the populated PCBs are returned to Conficio, the Hardware team will perform an initial test. Further tests depend on how advanced the software is at the time. The result of this testing determines if a second or third iteration of PCB is required.

Electronic Design Experience

In the current technical environment, PCBs and devices that perform to modern high-speed communication standards such as USB and Ethernet are commonplace. Combining the skills that the team have in these areas with an extensive knowledge of sensors and actuators, Conficio’s electronic design team can deliver bespoke PCB designs capable of meeting the requirements.

After design and prototype manufacture, Conficio facilitate testing of the components to ensure that the correct changes are made to meet the requirements of EMC and ESD tests. This allows our clients to have confidence in their technical file when the product is released.

No matter where you are in the design process, talk to Conficio for specialist electronic design advice, guidance, and support.


At Conficio, Altium is used to capture schematics and layout PCBs. The interface between Alium and Solidworks, for industrial design, provides access to a range of interface features such as determining clashes for components and mountain holes as well as routine flexible PCBs. Where designs need more research undertaken before layout is undertaken, software in-circuit emulation can be performed. The results of the simulations can then be fed into the hardware design.

Both he electronic product design and software product design teams at Conficio have access to hardware tools such as soldering irons, oscilloscope and logic analysers. These tools reduce the overhead of both software and hardware development.

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