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Product Development

The process of creating a new device or product. This process starts with an idea and ends with a design that can be manufactured. Product Development is iterative and achieves the goal by prototyping, testing and refining until the requirements are satisfied.

Conficio is your one-stop destination for cutting-edge product development services. The team are thrilled to embark on this journey of innovation with you, as we bring your vision to life and turn your ideas into reality.

Conficio product development agency have the skills in house to take an idea or a concept, develop it further to a prototype and then prepare for manufacture. Many of the projects that Conficio undertake involve all three of the disciplines required to create a product. Each project that is undertaken allows the whole team to get involved and work together towards a common goal. The Product Development process starts with Conficio learning about the project from the client and outlining what can be expected from Conficio. Once this has been completed, Conficio will prepare a quotation for the project.

With the whole team engaged, Conficio can ensure that the implementation of the design is realistic from day one. There is an interface between disciplines that is required to ensure that the industrial design takes critical design decisions, such as battery size and cooling, head on whilst driving the electronic team to keep within the design language. Laying the foundations of a product successfully is important to realising a final design that meets the criteria of the initial concept.

Design Experience

Since Conficio was founded in 2017, the team have worked on projects ranging from small, non-electronic devices through to multi-component systems with varying levels of positional accuracy. Each of the members of Conficio have a wealth of knowledge across multiple market sectors. When engaging with Conficio, our clients have access to the knowledge of the team rather than a single department.
Integration between the disciplines is key to being able to deliver prototypes that progress our projects towards the final goal. The team will provide a concept that align the proposed concept with the provided requirements.
Each project is different, to understand how the engineers and designers at Conficio can support new concepts, get in touch.

Conficio’s industrial knowledge was evident as they developed the software and graphical outputs for our Innovate UK grant funded smart wearable and App technology. Their coordinated team showed professionalism, agility, and expertise, delivering outstanding results that exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!” Kevin:Latefoss

Risk & Solutions

Conficio approach risk head on. Success of a project is often achieved by tackling the highest risk elements to a project as early as possible. A de-risking process could include confining the area of risk and generating representative parts to be tested in isolation. Previously, this has included:
•    Seals for a device that was required to be IP67.
•    Capacitive buttons in a reduced footprint with LED illumination.
•    Time critical software algorithms for BLE streaming devices.

Identifying and de-risking early ensures that costly mistakes are not made later in the development cycle, when the cost of re-work will be increased. Often the solutions to risk factors are non-trivial and requires the team to work together, occasionally including clients where they have the in-depth knowledge of the area of concern, to determine a suitable route forward.

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