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Industrial Design

The process of generating a concept, refining this into a CAD model and preparing this, via prototype iterations, for tooling. Conficio take a user-centric design approach whilst ensuring that manufacturing requirements are considered from the start of the project.

From the first step of the development journey, our industrial design solution shapes and evolves the next generation of breakthrough concepts through creativity and artistic vision combined with technical brilliance.

Every bespoke industrial design project that Conficio undertakes starts with the gathering of information. The information and research that will have been undertaken by a prospective client will be examined and understood. Following on from this, further research will be undertaken, and the team will work towards approved mood boards of what a client likes and dislikes. This creates the design language that feeds into an ideation sprint. With a concept agreed upon, the industrial design team at Conficio will start to generate concept CAD that could be used to create renders or space models of the concept. Even at this stage of the development, Conficio considers key aspect to the manufacturing process such as the required number of tools if moulding is required and the assembly process.

Using the concept CAD as a basis for further development, the custom Industrial Design team work closely with the Electronic product design department to create a prototype. Typically, this prototype will be 3D printed. The prototype performance is compared to the specification as well as being reviewed by the client, against the specification and by the engineers at Conficio this creates a Gap report of changes that are required.

Iterations of the prototype are created until a point where the device is approved. At this point, Conficio product design supports our clients through tooling trials and entry to manufacture.

Industrial Design Solutions Experience

The industrial design team at Conficio have taken products from concept to final tooled plastics. At each stage of the process the concept, and then design, is reviewed against the Design for Manufacture (DFM) standards to ensure that the housings can be realised (whether via 3D printing, Vaccuum casting, or hard-tooled) in the most efficient way. Other industrial design projects, such as Cineboda, have required the design of metal components for which the raw materials are sheet metal that is laser cut and folded.

Conficio have successfully managed to deliver housings that have been required to be IP67, manage ambient heat in excess of 55C and items that are capable of surviving drop tests. During the iterative process, Conficio identified areas of improvement and modified the designs accordingly.

From concept to design and through to manufacture, the process starts here.

Implementation of Industrial Design

The primary tool for our Industrial Design team is Solidworks, which allows near seamless integration with Altium 365 (used by our Hardware Engineers). Although Solidworks is used extensively during the development of prototypes, the designs at Conficio start with a pencil and paper. After the design has been realised into CAD, the prototype is often 3D printed, either in-house on a Form 2 3D printer or using one of our trusted external suppliers.

In instances where UI/UX or more graphical content is required, the Adobe Creative Suite is the go-to solution. This allows concepts to be generated and exported so that other departments within Conficio can make use of the asset packs.

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