Mixed and Augmented Reality Applications

Advertising and Shopping

Augmented reality has been around for a while in the advertising and shopping space.  Currently there are already apps that use QR codes or other digital markers to make the tagged item come alive or give you more details.  It has been common for some time to tag advertising posters, t-shirts and slogans so that anybody can scan them to get more details.  With the introduction of head mounted AR devices, QR codes and digital markers AR devices will automatically start to detect and scan them and the results are displayed right in front of the user.  A company called “Houzz” has released an app for smart phones and tablets that allow users to view what products would look like in their own home.  This app is particularly useful to see what furniture would look like in the user’s home.  Currently the application is only Augmented Reality because the item being viewed moves where ever the smart phone or tablet moves  (Lardinois, 2017).  Imagine if this kind of app had mixed reality potential, when you view a new product it would be specially locked into the position you put it in in your home and it could have the ability to interact with its surroundings.

Travel and tourism

Google Translate is a popular app that can translate text into many languages.  When your in a another country all you have to do is shine the Google Translate app, on a smart phone, over the foreign text and on screen will display the translated text.


Wikitude the AR application which allows you to see more than your eyes could capture and using computer vision, which is like a magic, it connects you with the world in completely different ways. The users can use this application as the tool to experience the augmented reality content, campaigns, promotions, projects, games and much more by simply scanning the things you watch  (Vasavi, 2017).  Wikitude provide a software development kit that allows business and designers to embed the features offered by Wikitude directly in to their business and applications [www.wikitude.com].


A company called Scopis has developed an app for Microsoft Mixed reality device, Holo Lens”.  It is helping surgeons perform spinal surgery.  The App allows surgeons to plan the positioning and alignment of pedicle screws during vertebra fixations surgeries, for example.

Construction and Industry

The start up company Daqri have developed an Mixed Reality smart helmet with multiple cameras, including a thermal camera.  The helmet can be used for a whole host of applications including giving users access to up-to-date information and instructions on use , repair, and maintenance of machinery.  A remote engineer can connect to a smart helmet to see what the wearer sees to also offer support.  Autodesk have developed an application so that BIM construction models can be viewed on a real world construction site, this gives the work force the opportunity to see where and what construction projects will be to test and avoid mistakes.  Overall applications running on the Daqri smart helmet have been used to help the industry from maintenance to jet suit diagnostics.

Trimble is a global company that specialise in mapping, software, and CAD related industries.  They have developed a HoloLens app to allow Architects and Structural Engineers to view in 3D holographic models and structures independently or layered on top of a 3D model.  This helps identify issues and ensure designs implemented are correct on site  (Carey, 2016).


Using Mixed Reality devices like the Hololens can allow users to improve their skills through interactive training.  Japanese Airlines are using Hololens to train engineers.  They do this by putting an interactive Hologram of a jet engine in front of them so they can get meaningful experience without removing or damaging expensive components. Trainees can collaborate on the Hologram in person or via Skype  (Carey, 2016).

Product Design

HoloLens can be very powerful for product design.  A user can design items for a product and then visualise them on the actual product to see in the real world how that product is affected.

Autodesk have developed an application to allow users to see the products they are designing in front of them as a 3d hologram.  They can create the model or make changes on the computer and then drag the model in to the real world  (Carey, 2016).


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