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Everything that surrounds us has either evolved by force of nature or has been invented. Innovation, and consequently, product design is part of our everyday life. It will make your mind implode if you stop to consider it too much. Quite frankly, If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that innovation actually is, all around…

This detailed infographic by Raconteur, on ‘The Greatest Innovations of All Time’ will certainly keep you busy on your next coffee break. The data was amassed following a survey of 400 participants, to understand which inventions have really influenced or affected society. 

The top 3 headliners from the survey featured the printing press, the wheel and perhaps most unsurprisingly the world wide web. These headline inventions were all distinct game changers across the first three industrial revolutions; the wheel was pivotal to the first industrial revolution where steam and water power was used to introduce mechanical production. Prior to this, the printing press aided the distribution of printed matter, enabling learning and allowing literacy to evolve. And most recently and most unsurprisingly, the world wide web, was one of the most recognised inventions, enabling the third revolution where IT and electronics made it possible to introduce automation to production. This technology continues to be fundamental to Industry 3.0, 4.0, and beyond, to power the success of innovation such as cyber-physical systems.

With this in mind, we really do have to call out Tim Berners-Lee for one of the most impactful innovations of recent times. Because without the internet, where would we really be today, in, well – any industry? (OK, we probably wouldn’t be there without the wheel, but it’s just not as glamorous is it? Let’s face it!)

Image courtesy of Henry Thomas, via Metro*
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