Micro 3D printing

Link – IPFL Bespoke Plastic Parts Micro 3D Printing Keeping up to date with supplier technologies and meeting IPFL at Southern Manufacturing Yesterday Conficio Product Design attended the annual Southern Manufacturing show in Farnborough. It is a great opportunity to catch up with suppliers but also meet new ones too! This year we were impressed […]

Consultancy Vs Consultant

Blog Consultancy Vs Consultant Conficio Product Design can offer both, so which is right for you and your project? Since conception Conficio has quoted for over 200 projects. These varied from an electric bicycle to prototype medical electronics. Each design has unique challenges, and every company has a different culture, internal processes, and way of […]

Understanding Product Design Terminology

Design Tips Understanding Product Design Terminology Making sense of it all   Over the past few months you might have caught our blog series, which focuses on giving you, the client, as many tools as possible, in order to make your product design journey the smoothest and most enjoyable experience possible. This month we turn […]

Sourcing A Product Design Consultancy

Design Tips Sourcing A Product Design Consultancy Making the right choice   So you’ve got a great product idea, sourced some funding to get it moving, and what to approach a product design consultancy.  But now what? If you’ve never created a product before, or sometimes, even if you have, it can be pretty confusing […]

Challenges in sustainable design

Sustainable design at Conficio

The Future Challenges in Sustainable Design Making the right choice   In the past, sustainable designs have been challenging, primarily during the end-of-life phase of the device. Over the last few years, new technologies and suppliers have started to specialise in production techniques that reduce the effect on the environment. When Conficio has a client […]

A Client’s Story: Kevin

Case Study A Client’s Story: Kevin   Like most entrepreneurs Kevin’s journey began after a chance incident; his bicycle was stolen. Walking was Kevin’s new mode of transport. He found himself utilising his legs more and more on his back-and-forth commute to work and again, like most young entrepreneurs Kevin encountered his ‘light bulb moment’ […]

Why Product Prototyping Is Critically Important for Your New Product Development

Blog Why Product Prototyping Is Critically Important for Your New Product Development Product prototyping is the simplest yet most effective way to communicate the essential information about your new product idea, allowing you to demonstrate the use and value of your prospect, refine design decisions and overcome unforeseen challenges. Product prototyping is much more than […]

The Difference Between Industrial Design and Product Design

Product Development The Difference Between Industrial Design and Product Design When it comes to product design and industrial design, there is often some confusion surrounding what these two areas of design entail. Even those in the industry get confused since the current issue with product design is that it seems to have been taken over and is now […]

How to Design a Wearable Technology Product

Conficio Product Design

Journal How to Design a Wearable Technology Product Many elements bring together the perfect wearable product design brief. Understanding how each of these works together will save you from the headache of having to make drastic (and costly) changes further down the line. Below we will detail a multitude of considerations for your wearable design, […]

How to Write a Product Design Brief

Journal How to Write a Product Design Brief Learning how to write a product design brief will save you a lot of back and forth. Clarity at this stage of the design process will prove invaluable further down the line, helping to avoid costly mistakes and errors and ensure you are on the right path […]