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A Client’s Story: Kevin



Like most entrepreneurs Kevin’s journey began after a chance incident; his bicycle was stolen.

Walking was Kevin’s new mode of transport. He found himself utilising his legs more and more on his back-and-forth commute to work and again, like most young entrepreneurs Kevin encountered his ‘light bulb moment’ staring at the ceiling in his bedroom.

When walking, one often has time to think and after noticing certain patterns in his own body movements Kevin began to consider his biometrics and he began to contemplate. He asked questions about the fundamentals of biomechanics and his ideas began to take shape culminating in a wearable Bluetooth device integrated with biomechanical technology.

There are many tools on the market: apps, devices and such like, that will measure your heart rate, the number of calories you burn within the hour, and provide a whole host of other data. Kevin soon realised that his concept was unique but there were gaps in his personal level of expertise and he would need support if his ideas were to overcome the challenges, they would face on route to manufacture and market.

Without any specific direction Kevin began reaching out to product development companies that were unable to assist him until he was referred to Conficio.

Kevin got in touch with Technical Director, Jon Reece and after some initial discussions and a further meeting Kevin was confident that Conficio could fill the void in the development process with Jon buying into Kevin’s vision, and minds began to collaborate.

A convincing factor that truly cemented Kevin’s decision was the example of a recent project that Conficio had been working on. Like Kevin’s biometric device, this project was also dependant on latency and offering the technology to instantly report data to the end user.

Conficio helped Kevin and took on a high level functionality and software task based on dev platforms which takes biometric data and transmits it to a computer via Bluetooth.

Projects involving Bluetooth transmission are a strong point within Conficio having successfully completed a multitude of previous projects involving Bluetooth transmission whilst also creating the software for various apps.

For this particular project, the requirement was for data to be transferred via Bluetooth at 100hz.

Working with Conficio and specifically having Jon as a central point of contact has, in his own words, made the whole development process far less of a headache.

“Jon is a whizz, he just understands what I want and knows exactly what to do in order to take something from inside my head, create it and place it in my hands. Without him I’m not convinced that I would have made it this far.”

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Conficio Product Design is a design consultancy based in Wilton, Wiltshire. Our team of engineers are dedicated to supporting both established corporations and small tech start-ups to develop exciting and bespoke products. Conficio will undertake the detailed components to your design whilst ensuring that your original idea is adhered to, we work with you to realise your goals. We require our clients to be invested in their design to ensure that we can Make Together.

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// Meaning: From con- (“with, together”) +‎ faciō (“do, make”).

// Verb: To make together, prepare, construct, produce, do thouroughly, complete, accomplish, finish, execute.

// Pronunciation: Con - fee - see - o


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