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Consultancy Vs Consultant

Conficio Product Design can offer both, so which is right for you and your project?


Since conception Conficio has quoted for over 200 projects. These varied from an electric bicycle to prototype medical electronics. Each design has unique challenges, and every company has a different culture, internal processes, and way of working. Because of this, Conficio offer two methods of engaging with our clients.


As a third-party design consultancy, Conficio take on the design and development of your product. Estimates for each phase of the project will be provided before that phase commences and our team will undertake all the appropriate documentation. This follows our 3 Phase process.

This delivery mechanism starts with small steps and grows as the development continues to maximise trust and minimise risk over the course of the project. Taking careful steps at the start of a project ensures that you understand the benefits and compromises that might become prevalent in the final design. Conficio can guide your development journey through prototype iterations to a point where your design can be manufactured. We can even put you in touch with our manufacturing partners to ensure a smooth transition to production is made.


There are cases in which clients have started their research and prototyping journey and only need support in specific areas for example, a hardware and firmware support role. In this instance, Conficio will work with you to determine which resource is required and when. Under this model, our clients can minimise the cost of a project by taking on work internally and only outsourcing the tasks that they cannot do. Conficio will work alongside your inhouse engineering team to pool resources and deliver services professionally.

It is important to note that taking this route does not mean that the specification and testing work components can be ignored. It simply means that Conficio will only provide the requested resource. As the requirements for that resource change, Conficio can offer other services to support our clients.

Conficio are able to offer design consultants that specialise in Firmware [Neil Clarke or Jon Reece], PCB Design [Lee Wade] and Industrial Design [Zach Donohue].

Which is right for you?

This depends on the requirements of each project and the skill set of the existing team. Many of our clients have the skills and knowledge to take on a leading role in a product development, for others, the technical details can be overwhelming and confusing. The best approach is to get in touch to talk to our team to determine what will work best in your case.



// Meaning: From con- (“with, together”) +‎ faciō (“do, make”).

// Verb: To make together, prepare, construct, produce, do thouroughly, complete, accomplish, finish, execute.

// Pronunciation: Con - fee - see - o

About Conficio

Make Together

Conficio Product Design is a design consultancy based in Wilton, Wiltshire. Our team of engineers are dedicated to supporting both established corporations and small tech start-ups to develop exciting and bespoke products. Conficio will undertake the detailed components to your design whilst ensuring that your original idea is adhered to, we work with you to realise your goals. We require our clients to be invested in their design to ensure that we can Make Together.

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