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XYZ Reality AR Controller



AR Construction Controller | Millimetre Accuracy | Concept Generation | Industrial Design | BIM

The Problem

Project Background

XYZ Reality approached Conficio to help develop the initial working prototype of their Atom AR construction headset. To control this device it was also identified that a trackable controller would also need to be created. The initial brief for this device was that it needed to be a cross between a drill, a game controller and a desert eagle. The real challenge for this device however was to create enough surfaces angled in different directions to mount the required sensors to maintain full tracking capabilities using SteamVR.

Key Objectives:

The Solution

How we overcame the challenge

As this project was exploring the realsm of the unknown the team were initially working on a reasearch and development feasibility study trying to work out if it would be possible to achieve the level of positional accuracy required for the project to be successful. After several itterations of the hardware and various positions of the sensors on controller it became possible to track controller and pass this positional data through to SteamVR. The next challenge then became how we combine this with the CAD data from the building site and overlay this into the real world to mm accuracy. Once several protypes had been developed we provided an MVP ready headset along with this controller that was used by XYZ to raise further investment to bring in the design teams in house which is the point we stopped working on the project.

Key Challenges:

What we did

Design Services Required

Product Development After Hover

Product Development

Industrial Design Hover

Industrial Design

Hardware Design After Hover

Electronic Design

Software Design After Hover

Software Development

Ideation to MVP

Concept Generation

Ideation to MVP

Rapid Prototyping


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