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At Conficio our team of multi-disciplined product design professionals are on hand to work closely with you to explore your concept and bring your idea to life.

Whether you are looking to develop a product in its entirety, or create a part of something bigger, Conficio are here to help.

From start to finish, our in-house team will ensure your project is closely managed helping you realise your vision. Team Conficio combines a wealth of knowledge, from Engineers and Industrial Designers, to Software, Hardware and Electronics experts. With this unique combination of talent, Conficio are able to keep your project under one roof, reducing the need for any costly or disjointed diversions to achieving your goals.

We’ll work with you on next step idea exploration, through to prototyping, testing, creating the product and even addressing how you will take your concept to market. We pride ourselves on giving your product realization our full attention through its journey, from concept to creation, for best results; high standards and happy clients is what we’re all about!

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"Conficio have provided that additional resource and support for our electrical and software engineering team"
David Rhys | Brompton Bicycle
"Conficio have been a flexible part in enabling us to deliver what we need without adding too much bureacracy or overheads to the project"
David Rhys | Brompton Bicycle
"I consider Conficio to be a stable pair of hands to call on when needed"
David Rhys | Brompton Bicycle
"We have access to Neil as though he is part of our team and so don't have to wait long for a response. The flexibility we've been afforded has been great"
David Rhys | Brompton Bicycle
"We'd like to continue the relationship with Conficio in order to maintain the technical knowledge they are able to provide"
David Rhys | Brompton Bicycle