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At Conficio we are able to support your product at any stage, from initial ideation sketches and block diagrams through to post-release software updates and fault analysis. The engineers which you will have access to are extremely skilled in their areas offering Industrial, Hardware and Software Design to bring your idea to fruition. We understand that the life-cycle of your product does not end at production and we are able to build on the base of the initial product to create both incremental and step changes to the design.

When you engage Conficio, whether in a support or design role, the entire team is briefed to understand your project. Even the engineers who are not directly working on your account will have a supporting role in developing your project. This means that you benefit from the full experience and expertise of our team, to reach the very best result. During our time working together a technical lead will ensure that all requirements are captured, ensuring your design meets the specification and high standards that we always pride ourselves on delivering.

Our design team are familiar working across many different industries and technologies from the highly regulated medical and military sectors to artistic installations. By understanding your requirements and use cases we are able to design according to your timescales, development budget and product cost. We are able to advise and support you on areas which you may still need to consider such as EMC/ESD testing, certification and packaging. At Conficio, we want to bring your product to reality.

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