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As we settle into the season of giving, our Technical Director Jon, has been working on a project of his own for his 5-year-old daughter’s birthday. With a passion for bespoke creations Jon set to work to create a technical toy his daughter would be entranced by.

This dynamic lightbox is appropriately known in the studio as the Infinity Cube, due to its illuminating and seemingly never-ending light display. Each component is bespoke, designed purely to bring Jon’s vision of the Infinity Cube to life.

The frame was created in-house using our Formlabs 3D printer allowing Jon to experiment quickly and effectively to ensure the design was functional and fit for purpose. The software designed to operate the Infinity Cube was written by Jon, the mirror cut specifically for the product.

The wand controls the colour change aspect of the Infinity Cube in a fun and interactive way. The cube features a series of magnetic sensors located on different areas of the cube. The concept allows Freya to tap a different area of the cube to change the illuminations to emit a different colour light.

With an array of fun and colourful coding-based toys hitting the market this Christmas, the Infinity Cube seems to fit with this latest trend. In its purest form this is baseline coding behaviour training, which will be essential for the new generations to pick up from an early age.

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Conficio Product Design is a design consultancy based in Wilton, Wiltshire. Our team of engineers are dedicated to supporting both established corporations and small tech start-ups to develop exciting and bespoke products. Conficio will undertake the detailed components to your design whilst ensuring that your original idea is adhered to, we work with you to realise your goals. We require our clients to be invested in their design to ensure that we can Make Together.

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// Meaning: From con- (“with, together”) +‎ faciō (“do, make”).

// Verb: To make together, prepare, construct, produce, do thouroughly, complete, accomplish, finish, execute.

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