Why Product Prototyping Is Critically Important for Your New Product Development

Product prototyping is the simplest yet most effective way to communicate the essential information about your new product idea, allowing you to demonstrate the use and value of your prospect, refine design decisions and overcome unforeseen challenges. Product prototyping is much more than just the aesthetics of your product, allowing you to explore many elements […]

The Difference Between Industrial Design and Product Design

When it comes to product design and industrial design, there is often some confusion surrounding what these two areas of design entail. Even those in the industry get confused since the current issue with product design is that it seems to have been taken over and is now used more for software, apps and the user interfaces side […]

How to Design a Wearable Technology Product

Many elements bring together the perfect wearable product design brief. Understanding how each of these works together will save you from the headache of having to make drastic (and costly) changes further down the line. Below we will detail a multitude of considerations for your wearable design, all of which contribute to a successful wearable […]

Why Nostalgic Design Gives You All the Feels

Why Nostalgic Design Gives You All the Feels

Design of anything is certainly an art, coupled, in the case of product design, with science and technology, tested for what it looks like, what if feels like, how it works, and if the customer really wants it. But what is it about retro or vintage design that really grabs our attention? Do we simply […]

Get some perspective – The art of design sketching

For some, mastering the art of sketching can take years to perfect. Leonardo Da Vinci himself dedicated a lifetime to fine tuning and refining this art. In fact, it is rumoured that even some of Da Vinci’s most renowned works were considered incomplete by this prolific artist and engineer. Unlike Da Vinci however, we don’t […]

Rapid Prototyping – A Beginners Guide

Rapid Prototyping – A Beginners Guide Picture the moment; your team have come up with a ground-breaking new concept product. It’s going to be the game changer. It features all the USP’s you could hope for; the concept is immense – it’ll take your business to the next level. Your MD says “Great stuff – […]