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When Humans Take to the Skies

Being part of the machine that is project Gravity, has been an honour for the team here at Conficio. When you’re approached by a true innovator with the vision, focus and tenacity to power through and bring their vision of human flight to life, exciting things happen!

We couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve been commissioned to complete with team Gravity; our part of the mission was centred around communications software – a critical element for a product of this nature. With this technology in place, Gravity Founder and Innovator, Richard Browning, could fly with confidence.

The jet suit, equipped with 5 mini jet engines, enables Richard and his team to cruise at a speed of up to 32mph and is able to reach altitudes of 12,000 feet. The suit is controlled by aiming your hands in the direction you wish to travel.

Gravity sets Guiness World Record

In November 2017, Richard Browning with his jet suit, officially set a new Guinness World Record. Richard successfully landed a flight speed world record in a body controlled, jet engine powered suit, by reaching a maximum speed of 32.02 miles per hour. The record was set as part of Guinness World Records Day on Wednesday 9th November 2017.

We’ve really enjoyed watching Gravity’s progress as Richard and his team have been travelling the globe. Seeing the team showcase this ground-breaking technology at events worldwide; from the likes of the highly acclaimed and long serving local attraction Bournemouth Air Festival, through to taking to the infamous world stage that is TED, famed for innovative talks from highly acclaimed thinkers, innovators and futurists.

Richard Browning – Bournemouth Air Show

Image Credit: Simon Melaniphy

Conficio Managing Director, Andy House shares his thoughts on working on the jet suit project: “Knowing that our team have played a part in the design and build of Richard’s jet suit fills me immense pride and we are always excited to see Richard whenever he flies. It’s an awesome spectacle!”

To learn more about Richard’s journey to full flight, check out this footage from All 4, ‘The Man Who Learnt to Fly’.

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