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UK Product Design Companies – Bring Your Products to Life with Conficio

Have you been searching Google for ‘UK product design companies’. If this is you, then look no further – you’ve found us!

Are you an entrepreneur looking to bring your concept to life? Or maybe you’re a fellow agency needing some additional resource to keep your product design production line working right now?

Do you work with entrepreneurs?

Yes we absolutely do! The product design team at Conficio are passionate about bringing new concepts to life. If you have a product design brief, budget in place and a desire to get your product moving, we can help. Not sure where to start? If you’re new to product design and want to better understand how the product design journey works, take a look at our article ‘The Design Process: A Masterclass’. This article maps a typical product design journey.

How do I know what I need? I don’t speak ‘Product Design’!

Our team previously put together a series of articles designed to take you through each part of the Product Design Process in more detail. You can click onto the start of the series here.  This blog series will walk you through how to piece together a design brief, take a look at budgeting, protecting your idea and loads more.  

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I’m a fellow design house – can I partner with you?

Absolutely! Our team work seamlessly with yours, to provide an extended resource. We’ll work closely with your team to ensure your client’s brief is met and exceeded in a timely, professional and creative manner.

Whether you are looking for additional headcount to assist your team, or perhaps there is a skill set required that you don’t hold in-house, Conficio can help. From ideation and to prototyping, concept testing to product build, the team at Conficio are on hand.

We asked David Rhys at Brompton Bicycle, what he enjoys about utilising our team as an extension of his own; David says “We have access to Neil as though he is part of our team and so don’t have to wait long for a response. The flexibility we’ve been afforded has been great.”

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Do I need to work with multiple UK product design companies?

No. Whilst Conficio offer the flexibility to work with your chosen supplier, as one of the competitive UK product design companies, what sets us apart from the competition, is our vast skill sets and knowledge, all available in-house. You are of course welcome to use additional partners, but by working with Conficio, there is no need.

To ensure your product design brief is nailed we highly recommend keeping it all under one roof. Of course – we would say that right?! But in reality, keeping your project under one roof means our team can ensure we are on budget, working within your deadline and delivery a product that fits the brief. From ideation and prototyping to custom electronics and software in-house, we’ve got it all.

Whilst other agencies can of course add heaps of value, Conficio are one of few UK product design companies to hold the skills required in-house to fulfil an end-to-end product design journey. Working in-house really helps to keep things on track.

Simply put, it costs less and reduces your product design journey timeline, as there is less time involved in the long run – it takes time to transfer your project from company to company! This approach also avoids any Chinese whispers along the way. And critically, we’ve understood your brief from the start, so there is no confusion in the transition. But should any issues arise, we are uniquely positioned to eliminate these promptly, by calling on the relevant expert in our team to best fit the task in hand.

So how do I get started?

To partner with the team here at Conficio, or to bring your unique concept to life, drop us a line today at We’ll get you booked in for a call, so our team can find out all about the project in hand. Get started today to get your product moving before 2020 is out!