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The Great British Entrepreneur Awards – A few weeks to go!

The Entrepreneurs’ Team of the Year Award arguably boasts its strongest category nominations to date. Conficio are honoured to be judged against these inspirational people. Our competition, to mention a few, includes the genius that is minicabit, founded by Dragon’s Den star Amer Hasan; ClearScore, the open banking system co-founded by author and business tycoon Justin Basini; and Speechmatics, the pioneering automatic speech recognition software founded by Benedikt von Thüngen. To be brushing shoulders these innovators is an absolute privilege and we cannot wait to meet them.

‘Conficio is not a team led by entrepreneurs, but a team made up of them.’

In all this excitement it is easy to lose sight of how far we have come, but it is our humble beginnings and our ambitious vision that has ultimately led to our nomination for one of Britain’s highest entrepreneurial accolades. As with any start up, success is determined by the force that drives it. In our case this force is our team. In many workplaces the workforce is compared to the cogs of a machine; if one cog is missing the machine cannot function. Unlike other businesses however, team Conficio are more than just a means to an end. Whilst each team member plays their critical role, they are in no way limited by this and their enthusiasm and talents extend beyond their job titles. Our team have a common goal and it is this end that continuously drives us upwards.
In contrast with previous winners of this category Conficio is not a team led by entrepreneurs, but a team made up of them. By offering a bespoke design service, we attract entrepreneurs and inventors with innovative and ground-breaking ideas. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we not only share our client’s vision, but also have the expertise to bring it to fruition. It is no accident that we have found ourselves nominated for The Entrepreneurs’ Team of the Year Award. After all, the name ‘Conficio’ when broken down can find its origins in the Latin meaning ‘make together’, and this is exactly what we do!

To find out more about the sorts of projects our team are responsible for creating click here or drop us a line on +44 (0) 1962 454 474 to chat about your idea.

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