Product Design in a Post-Pandemic Climate; Working with Entrepreneurs & Product Design Partners

With the end of Lockdown in sight (well, at the time of writing in any case), we are looking to the ‘new normal’ to see how we can work with entrepreneurs and product design partners alike, to help us all thrive, with some super post pandemic productivity!

Design, Development & Determination – Let’s Try That Again Shall We!

This time last year we were busy uploading all the excitement for what we thought might lie ahead in 2020 for every product design partner in our network, and beyond. Little did we truly know, just what we were letting ourselves in for, by ringing in that New Year!

2020 – A Revolution in Product Design?

As the strangest year that was 2020 comes to an end we thought we’d do a quick round-up of the year that no-one truly expected! Outsourcing your product design and enticing entrepreneurs to unleash their concepts were our two key objectives as 2020 dawned upon us. But who truly believed the landscape would shift quite so dramatically?

Image depicting software code in multicolour displayed on screen

Software for Product Design – Programming to Propel Your Product

Do you have a concept to bring to life that requires software capability? If so, how much attention have you given to this aspect of the project? When considering software for product design, it is important to make sure you are working with a team who fully understands your end goal, and feel confident to help you make it happen.

Conficio orange chalk on chalkboard, describing services offered

UK Product Design Companies – Bring Your Products to Life with Conficio

Are you an entrepreneur looking to bring your concept to life? Or maybe you’re a fellow agency needing some additional resource to keep your product design production line working right now? Have you been searching Google for ‘UK product design companies’. If this is you, then look no further – you’ve found us!

Conficio Make Finalist at Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards

We are proud to announce that Conficio have been selected as finalists for the ‘Entrepreneurs’ Team of the Year Award’, at the prestigious Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards, London, 2018. But what makes a team and why do we think we should win? The team at Confico have done a sterling job of establishing a business, which to date, achieves …

Spring Into Tech

Unless you’ve been off grid for the last few months, you’ll have most likely heard about our Knowledge Drop sessions. Have you been able to attend a session yet? What’s it really all about? How can it help you and your team? We introduced the Knowledge Drop workshops here at Conficio earlier this year, in a bid to give our …

Building Ironman – How We Help Our Clients to Fly!

If you haven’t already heard, we’re excited to invite you to come and hear about ‘Building Ironman’. We get asked about this unique project so often that we have decided it’s only fair to host a Knowledge Drop session dedicated to the project. We’re inviting our clients, prospects, corporate partners, fans and friends to come on down to the studio …

futureproofing with iot

The Internet of Things – Future Proofing Your Business

The Internet of Things, once a fairly incomprehensible ‘what if’, has now become a firm reality, that like it or not, we are already living. We are firmly connected in our own Matrix, already experiencing the addictive nature of instant accessibility, infotainment and a myriad of apps and systems designed by some genius wonder-tech’s to ensure we barely have to …