Innovate Like a Child

When sitting with my gorgeous little cherubs during lockdown, I was reminded of the state of the child like brain, and how limitless the possibilities are in a child’s world. My 4-year-old approached me to play with his ‘camera’, which was in fact created out of Duplo, of course. Furthermore, he went on to play with it as if it were a Polaroid camera, handing the prints to me straight from the camera as he was ‘taking’ them. This wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, except, we do not own a Polaroid camera, and he has never, to the best of my knowledge, been shown one in a real or virtual setting.

The Great Working from Home Experiment

This is a time to observe how the world adapts to the changing demands of the environment we find ourselves in and understand how our behaviours adapt in terms of purchasing, adoption and utilisation of goods and products. Just how are businesses big and small dealing with diversification, evolving product lines, business processes or even course correction?Is your team working from home out of necessity or choice? At Conficio we enabled the team to work remotely from the get-go, because, let’s face it, this is the future. Or indeed, the present! With a world pandemic and many countries going into lockdown, many businesses are struggling because they don’t have the capacity or means to adapt quickly enough; the world of technical capability can’t save us all, as it turns out.