Stand-Out Sustainable Design

As Plastic Free July descends upon us, we thought we’d do a quick look back through some awesome sustainable design that we’ve come across in recent times.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Image: Kaffeeform

Kaffeeform are responsible for creating a range of coffee cups made out of coffee grounds. Not only are they delightful in appearance, but they are reusable, dishwasher safe and biodegradable – the ultimate in sustainable coffee drinking! Last time we checked in they didn’t have these awesome take away cups though – iconic!

Image: Prisma Guitars

How much culture can you squeeze into a stand-out piece of design?! This sustainable innovation knits the world of skating together with art and music, in one rather natural and complementary fusion; The genius’ at Prisma Guitars use decommissioned skateboards to create stunning, unique guitars.

Image: Borrn

UK company Borrn have created a baby bottle which can be adapted as the child grows but can also be returned to the company at the end of it’s life for them to dismantle and recycle accordingly, making this a truly sustainable bit of parenting kit!

Image: Gomi

We really enjoyed this Gomi speaker which is created from around 100 used plastic bags. This is another great product that has been built in a way that allows the manufacturer to dismantle, resuse and recycle the product at the end of it’s life. Great to see some stand-out examples of cradle to grave product design and sustainability!

Image: Pavegen

Pavegen are literally taking actual steps to harness energy in sustainable manner; every time a step is taken on a Pavegen unit, off grid energy is created which can power a variety of applications such as LED lighting, data transmission and more.

Image: Lego

Lego have been on a journey to create more sustainable bricks, with some big goals to be reached by 2030. Lego create a plant-based plastic from sugarcane, which grows at the same rate we use it. They use the sugarcane for botanical elements of Lego collections, first and foremost, such as trees and plants!

Image: Labmono

Fashion doesn’t often make it onto our radar, but this one had to be mentioned. These jackets by Labmono are created from 30 recycled bottles each and are super stylish to boot! It’s so great to see so much sustainability across product design, be it a smart speaker or a new jacket.

Image: Fit Pack

Corona have been the first to take the plastic out of their multi packs, by instead using this clever screw can application by Fit Pack. No more sea life being compromised by those deadly plastic rings – surely this is the way forward for canned multi packs everywhere?!

Image: Fit Pack

This fantastic bio plastic was created by Lucy Hughes who won the James Dyson Award for Outstanding Innovation in 2019. From plastic bags to food wrap, this organic product will biodegrade in a soil environment in under 6 weeks and carries no harmful chemicals to leach to wildlife or humans – hurrah! Great product MarinaTex!

To learn more about the sorts of changes you can be making this plastic free July, head over to their website. Meanwhile, if you have a game changing, sustainable product you’d like to move into the design process, why not drop us a line today. Our MD Andy has just popped the kettle on and is ready for your email! You can reach him at

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