Spring Into Tech

Unless you’ve been off grid for the last few months, you’ll have most likely heard about our Knowledge Drop sessions. Have you been able to attend a session yet? What’s it really all about? How can it help you and your team?

We introduced the Knowledge Drop workshops here at Conficio earlier this year, in a bid to give our clients, partners, friends and fans a chance to find out more about what we do, get to know the team and understand how what we do best fits with the challenges they experience in their industry. Product design is a complex animal with so many facets to it not to mention a lot of industry terminology, so this session is designed to break it all down. We’ll spend time exploring different topics, de-coding the language, plus you get to see some of the processes and products first hand.

Until now we’ve focused on a particular topic for each session, however, to ring the changes for spring/summer, we felt it was time to have at truly open feel to the session. Spring Into Tech invites our audience to visit our studio, chat with the team, and discuss any topic – it doesn’t need to have a label! If you have a challenge with a requirement that feels quite random and you’re not sure where to start, then this is the session for you. Likewise if you know you want to talk about rapid prototyping, augmented reality solutions or hardware development, that’s fine too. Come and grill our team and they will be happy to explore your quandary and help you understand the art of the possible.

Our Spring Into Tech Knowledge Drop session will be held on May 24th from 11am – 3pm. We’ll be providing the snacks and refreshments, a bit of networking, some expert talent and hopefully a little sunshine for good measure! To get involved simply click on our Eventbrite link to register your attendance. We look forward to seeing you there.

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