Star Wars – Resurrecting a Tie Bomber

A friend of the team bought some retro Star Wars toys for his Star Wars mad sons, but found that some of the space ships had small parts missing, and he really wanted to see if he could restore this particular model back to its former glory.

Our team stepped in and offered to reproduce the missing parts so that his sons would be able to play with the toys in full working order and could get on with saving the galaxy. So, in a galaxy far far away, beyond the reach of the evil Empire (well… just outside Stockbridge in Hampshire), our team set about re-creating parts for an Imperial Tie Bomber.

The force was with out designers, who did a great job of figuring out what was missing and how best they could recreate the missing parts. After some sketching, printing and testing the model was restored and fit for the next generation of Star Wars action!

Star Wars Tie Bomber 3D prints

It was humbling to be able to give renewed life to a legendary toy and not only get it to playable state, but to improve the current set of peripheries – providing an extra 10 Orbital Mines and Concussion Missiles for the boys to play with!

What a fantastic project! Don’t we all want to come in and play with Star Wars toys all day? Yes, yes we do!

You can get in touch at or give us a call on +44 (0) 1962 454 474. If you fancy a free cup of coffee and expertise come in and see us!

Star Wars Tie Bomber 3D prints

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