Not today Covid19

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We are living in strange and unprecedented times; anyone else longing for some different news? 

Businesses today are faced with more challenges than ever before. With Brexit making cross border trade uncertain and now the Coronavirus pandemic making, quite frankly, any movement of anything near impossible, we need to find new ways to keep our businesses moving, and local resourcing is just the ticket.

For some time, we’ve noticed businesses migrating back to UK-based suppliers. Whether that was a conscious choice in advance of, or following Brexit, who are we to say. The trend for ‘shopping local’ should be a comfort for UK businesses right now. When the supermarkets are a washout, communities are finally using their local independents, who are fully stocked. These smaller businesses are compact enough to flex their business models and be innovative, offering alternatives such as home delivery, care packages and beyond. What a fantastic and empowering boost for local business that will be!

​If we think about how innovation happens, often it is out of necessity or a desire to want to do something more easily, quickly or efficiently. Out of the current situation, we could see many new innovations appear as people seek better ways to work remotely or replace any remaining manual tasks with virtual services or new technology. Here at Conficio, we are constantly amazed by the variety of new product ideas that come our way and we delight in helping our entrepreneurs take their new product to market after coming to us with just an idea and a passion to make it happen.  

One of the innovations that we made early on was to ensure our business model allows us to work remotely; we adopted technology to enable us to do this. Originally this technology facilitated us to work on a client site to support their teams, as well as enabling our own team to work from home, so we could enjoy a better work life balance. We are so grateful that the same technology now allows us to operate as normal in a time of global emergency. Being set up for remote working, and being a small, but sensible business, like the independent grocery stores, we are built to be flexible. We can honestly say ‘Not today COVID-19’!

From ideation to prototyping, software and electronics, right through to launch, we can help take your concept from concept to creation. To find out more about how we can work together, drop our MD, Andy an email at We’d love to help!

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