Product Design in a Post-Pandemic Climate; Working with Entrepreneurs & Product Design Partners

With the end of Lockdown in sight (well, at the time of writing in any case), we are looking to the ‘new normal’ to see how we can work with entrepreneurs and product design partners alike, to help us all thrive, with some super post pandemic productivity!

Calling All Entrepreneurs – This Bit’s For You!

Animation legend Walt Disney said “If you can dream it you can do it.” At Conficio we couldn’t agree more.

The only limitation is that which you put in your own way (and maybe time, budget and technology – but we can work with you on those bits!).

We want to help get your product design projects off the ground. With the future looking a little brighter, is it time to take that leap and bring your vision to life?

After all, if we have learned one thing during this tumultuous year, is that’s life is delicate and short (sorry for the morbid vibes…), so let’s get your project moving and make it your turn to really make a difference.

Image: Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

If you are new to product design and need to better understand the product design process, we’ve created a series of articles which do exactly that. 

From selecting your product design team, to briefing, budgeting, scoping, marketing and more, we’ve provided a wealth of information and top tips to draw from.

For more of an overview on how you the product design journey works, check out our Product Design Masterclass.

Partnering & Outsourcing for Success

It’s no doubt that many organisations will be returning to business-not-quite-as-usual (BNQAU – like it?! We do love a silly acronym!). But what does that really mean and how can we work together for the best results?

If you’re a design house returning to the studio (or indeed not returning to the bricks and mortar studio but working from home or from a shared space), how does your team look?

Have you managed to retain your talent across all skill sets? Have any of your employees decided not to return from furlough? Perhaps the business model has had to change for the best chance of survival.

This has been a life changing and potentially business changing time for us all. So if your post-furlough team looks different to that of early 2020, we might be able to help.

If you thought now was the time to get hiring, why not consider outsourcing instead, while you settle in to the BNQAU?

Image: Photo by Diva Plavalaguna from Pexels

At Conficio we work with product design partners just like you, to provide top talent across a plethora of skill sets and expertise.

This means you get industry-leading talent working on your projects, without the red tape of recruitment. Which in turn means zero fuss and faff and no long term commitment.

This approach gives you a chance to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and make sure that recruiting that new hire, really is the right thing to do.

And who knows – you might prefer to continue to outsource after the event. We are here for it! That is the sort of partnership we live for.

Just speak to our friends at Brompton – we have been providing talent on tap to keep the pedals turning, since we started out. We love a long-term relationship!

Let’s Get Connected!

So, whether you are an entrepreneur or a product design team looking for additional headcount or talent, why not connect with our team today?

To find out more about how we can thrive together with uber post-pandemic productivity, drop us a line today! Email and our lovely MD, Andy will get in touch.

We can’t wait to hear about your post Lockdown plans!