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Product Design Engineers – How to Expand Your Team Without the Red Tape!

Finding the right product design engineers can be a challenging task. Not only are you looking for top quality recruits, but you will most likely want to scale quickly to get your workflow moving and overall, reduce the faff!

Are you looking to recruit new product design engineers for your team? Perhaps you have absences among the team and need additional headcount fast? Maybe you’ve taken on a new project that you don’t have the skillset for in-house? Or perhaps you need to scale up your team permanently, but aren’t sure about the long-term commitment, as we work through these stranger times?

If any of the above sounds like your organisation you may wish to consider outsourcing. There are some stand-out benefits to be had by building relationships with fellow design houses. This can really propel your business without the associated overhead.

Here are our top reasons to outsource to a team of product design engineers:

Highly Experienced Team with Zero Ramp Time

Working with a design house, you should find you are teaming with expert professionals in their field.  This means that in theory, you should be able to source the right skillset for the project in question and get it into action promptly.  Since you won’t be recruiting, as such, there will be very minimal to zero ramp time, as your new ‘recruit(s)’ won’t need to settle into a new post or organisation. They will simply be adding your project to their workflow and will be tasked to work to your brief and desired outcomes. No lengthy onboarding process. No induction periods. No long term employment level commitment. Simple.

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Avoid Chinese Whispers

If you are a design house or an organisation who needs to outsource the full product design project, be sure to do your research. We recommend working with a single product design consultancy who are able to realise your product, end-to-end, under one roof. Not all product design consultancies can say that with confidence. You may find that some teams are abundant in design talent, but when it comes to building the right software or electronics to make your product work, they may need to outsource. Avoid those Chinese whispers that come with moving the project around. This will likely create lengthy delays on your project. You’ll need to allow for lead times as your project moves from one supplier to the next. Above all, you could suffer significant miscommunications as your project gets passed around.

Flex Your Team of Product Design Engineers

Make sure you choose the right product design partner. When seeking a fellow design house to partner with, consider the skillsets you don’t hold in house. This will allow you to fill any skills gaps you might have. Of course, it would be great if they can also provide resource for some of your core workflow, in the case of sickness or any kind of unplanned absence (Covid anyone?!). Let’s say for example, you have a project that requires electronic design, which perhaps you don’t have the resource for in-house. But you know that further down the line you need some software created for another client. By choosing a product design partner who has access to all those skillsets among their product design engineers, you’ll be able to flex your team according to the projects you land. Advance problem solving – what a winner!

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It Works Both Ways

By partnering with a fellow product design consultancy you truly can share the load. Perhaps your new product design partner needs a skill that you hold in-house. Working together, could create reciprocal relationships that brings a level of resource to the table that neither party had access to before. You could be futureproofing your business to be able to offer a far greater capacity than perhaps you had as a stand alone offering. Your expanded team of product design engineers could even allow your business to level up and pitch for larger projects!

If this is an avenue you think might work for your organisation, check out our previous article on finding the right product design partner.

Meanwhile, to accelerate your search, why not drop us a line today. The team at Conficio are a fusion of product design expertise, from seasoned experts in industrial design to software specialists and electronics excellence. We offer and end-to-end product design service in-house. This provides you with access to a wealth of talent and expertise when it comes to any aspect of the product design journey.

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