New Year New Idea

Calling all entrepreneurs – the future needs YOU! Have you got a shiny new concept that you’ve been developing and need to take to the next level? What better time to get the wheels in motion than the dawn of 2020?

When you’ve been nurturing your seedling of a vision under close quarters, taking your project to the next level can be daunting, and of course, starts to cost money. When it comes to onboarding a design consultancy, you’ll be starting to consider feasibility studies, prototyping, product build and manufacturing – we understand this next step can feel significant! However, keeping your vision to yourself isn’t going to pay off, so make 2020 one to remember.

First step, source a product design consultancy who can help take your product from its current state to a market-ready status. It’s critical to consider at this stage, that not all design consultancies are created equal; day rates will vary, recommendations on how to take your idea forward will vary, and so will the services that the consultancy is able to offer in-house. Consider what exactly your product requires to get it to market; does your end product need to be powered by electronics, or does it need to run any software, and does that software even exist…yet?  Find a product design consultancy who can undertake the full project under one roof, from build, to prototyping, even writing software just for your project! This will save you not only a lot of time and energy in project management and development time, but it will also save you on budget and sanity! We promise you these consultancies do exist, but they can be hard to come by; PSSSSST….we are one of them! J

Get to know your team – finding a design team you can really get onboard with will pay dividends in your product development journey. Being able to communicate effectively with your design gurus, will help you reach the mecca that is product design holy grail far quicker. Build that rapport and get to know the experts who are helping to realise your vision.

Once you’ve found your design consultancy of dreams, you’re good to go, and you will start to get a real idea of what the return on your business model is going to really look like as you further understand the real timelines and costings involved.

These are just a few of the first steps, however, the team at Conficio are on-hand to help you explore the next steps for your project and answer any questions we haven’t yet answered for you.

Want to get launch-ready for 2020? Reach out to our friendly product design team today, to discuss taking your project forward.

Drop our team a line on 01962 454474 or reach out to Andy, our MD at Let’s get you 2020 ready!

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