Mixed Reality and IOT

Internet of Things or IOT is the ability for devices to be connected to each other.  By being connected to everything massive amounts of useful data begins flowing in the background.  The data can be analysed and trends discovered that can help users, businesses, medical professionals, governments, and many others in their strategies and tasks.  To make the Internet of Things and the data event more powerful and useful, Mixed Reality devices could tap into it.

If IOT sensors were included in plug sockets and plugs then a visual view could be brought up to see what devices are using what socket, how much power is being used, and for devices how charged they are (Imagineality, 2016).

Every household device could become even more useful.  Imagine instead of having a thermostat wired into your house, you just bring it up in front of you, the trend of the temperature over the past few hours could also be shown, and then instantly update it so that you set your own temperature profile.

Every device from your car, to radio, to lawnmower could be communicating with your mixed reality device bringing up information on its status, location, how to use it, and more.

With any device around the home, in Industry, or in the public areas potentially creating data, linking into the IOT, and Mixed Reality an issue arises, there could potentially be so much data that it overwhelms us and our systems.  The McKinsey Global Institute recently estimated that the Internet of Things could generate up to $11 trillion in value by 2025 and there could be 30 billion IOT devices by 2020  (Harald Bauer, 2015).

ThingWorx Foundation is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It empowers developers to connect, create, and deploy breakthrough, enterprise-ready IOT applications, solutions, and experiences  (Thingworx, 2017).  On top of Thingwork foundation there are four modules that provide additional functionality.  When all modules are connected the whole platform has significant potential.

ThingWorx Utilities are feature-rich tools and mash-ups that enable and support the rapid deployment and adoption of powerful IOT applications.  It allows developers and engineers to tailor ThingWorx to individual business and user needs.

ThingWorx Analytics enables enterprises to find the true value in their IOT data – to learn from past data, understand and predict the future, and make decisions that will enhance outcomes.

ThingWorx Studio democratises the IOT Industry by providing turnkey authoring and publishing for AR and MR.  Thingworx has embraced the power of Vuforia to improve its AR experience and provide users with new ways to utilise AR, IoT, and data  (Innova, 2017).

ThingWorx Industrial Internet of Things (Kepware) leverages existing technologies in industrial settings – including machine-to-machine communication and automation technologies – and incorporates newer big data and machine learning technologies to enable smart, connected machines.  PTC and GE have expanded their strategic alliance to help integrate the industrial Internet of Things market.  The companies will develop a suit of ThingWorx applications for GE’s Predix industrial internet operating system.  ThingWorx would thus enable aerospace firms to easily build machine and asset-specific applications to monitor and assess assets. Its augmented reality functions could help with service and training on these assets  (Canaday, 2017).

On the whole behind the scenes, like a layer under the real world, there is a digital world with data flowing everywhere constantly.  In the future, all electronic devices will be connected.  We have a digital world, a way to interpret and capture it, and a we can use Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed reality to tap into the digital content to improve our lives, improve productivity, utilisation, and potentially create a better world.


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