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Jet Suit | Gravity | Richard Browning | Conficio

When Humans Take to the Skies

4th October 2018

Being part of the machine that is project Gravity, has been an honour for the team here at Conficio. When you’re approached by a true i...

Star Wars – Resurrecting a Tie Bomber

27th September 2018

A friend of the team bought some retro Star Wars toys for his Star Wars mad sons, but found that some of the space ships had small parts ...

The Design Process - Imagery Breakdown

The Design Process: A Masterclass

6th August 2018

Achieving a beautifully designed new product, featuring all the key elements for success in the market place, is no mean feat. After all,...

Spring Into Tech

8th May 2018

Unless you’ve been off grid for the last few months, you’ll have most likely heard about our Knowledge Drop sessions. Have you been a...

New Talent Lands at Conficio!

7th March 2018

Career progression, science and engineering are due to hit the headlines as hot topics this fortnight. Specifically, this week celebrates...

How is your data being used?

29th January 2018

Often we do not give our data security a second thought. Data sharing in apps can be enabled by default to add to big data sources, these...

Innovation in the Work Place

30th August 2017

In the modern world with rapidly changing technology and stiff competition companies are more and more relying on their innovation to sta...

Mixed Reality and IOT

6th July 2017

Internet of Things or IOT is the ability for devices to be connected to each other.  By being connected to everything massive amounts of...

Everyday Uses for VR

28th June 2017

The first use of Virtual Reality was, logically, in the games industry.  By using Virtual Reality, a user can feel like they are in a ga...

Virtual Reality Business Applications

22nd June 2017

  Virtual Reality devices attach to the head (head mounted device or HMD) of a user and effectively puts a screen in front of the user’...

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