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Get some perspective – The art of design sketching

For some, mastering the art of sketching can take years to perfect. Leonardo Da Vinci himself dedicated a lifetime to fine tuning and refining this art. In fact, it is rumoured that even some of Da Vinci’s most renowned works were considered incomplete by this prolific artist and engineer. Unlike Da Vinci however, we don’t all have a lifetime to spare, so here are our top design sketching hacks – as demonstrated by our former intern, and Bournemouth University Student, Dan.

When erecting a building an adequate framework and foundation must be in place to ensure that the final structure is not reminiscent of a surrealist’s nightmare. Design sketching is no different. Vanishing points are essential in any design sketch as they provide you with an accurate reference point when creating the illusion of perspective. These points help you to construct a framework that forms the basis of your final sketch. Without this initial scaffolding, lines can be tentative and proportions off kilter.

As with life, much of design sketching involves making mistakes. This is inevitable, and even the most seasoned designers amongst us occasionally slip up. But design sketching is not about achieving unrealistic ideals. Instead we must accept the occasional misplaced line or wonky arc and find ways to work with and rectify these mistakes. In the video we see how Dan uses passes to add definition to previously weak lines.

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