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We use the term Architect as….

The engineers at Conficio are skilled and enthusiastic in their own disciplines, where the team falls short is an overarching idea. In order for Conficio to thrive and deliver products, Conficio needs your ideas to build on and create.

Every project that Conficio starts is different, each client has a unique starting point. Primarily, it depends on where you are in your journey, if you are looking to raise funding then an idea and a small amount of capital can be used to undertake a Phase 1. The output of which can be tuned towards being a pitch document that outlines the key features and requirements of your product. If there is a requirement for prototyping then the phase 1 outputs will be aimed at gathering information to allow for Phase 2 to be quoted, this is a more expensive process than generating a pitch document.

The first step is to send an email to requesting an NDA. Once a signed NDA is in place, an initial video call or meeting will take place. During this meeting Conficio will learn more about your idea and concept and where you are in your design journey. The second point on the agenda will be a presentation or discussion around our process and how it fits with your development cycle.

An NDA is…

At Conficio our team of multi-disciplined product design professionals are on hand to work closely with you to explore your concept and bring your idea to life.

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