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Next up in our ‘Design for Life’ series we take a look at how the elusive daily commute, automotive and travel in general, has been influenced by stand-out product design. The influence of product design on the future of travel, will likely be one of the most significant developments, with an impact we will all likely benefit from.

In this feature we’re citing examples of travel when it comes to the commute, personal travel, movement of goods and public transport – a holistic view of how product design effects the way we move around.

Check out the designs we think will really make a change to the future of travel.

Photo:  Ruiyang Zhang via Pexels

Have Your Cake!

We previously featured this bike of the future by Cake. You may not think it’s particularly futuristic in terms of styling, but when you consider that this striking bike is actually solar powered, it gives you a whole new take on how we should be evolving our transport.

Take a look at the Cake Kalk AP here.

Photo: Cake via Yanko Design

Autonomous Shuttle Bus

This autonomous shuttle bus was previously unveiled in northern Virginia. Dubbed ‘a big blue toaster on wheels’, the stand-out part of this design is the functionality.

This is the sort of transport usually reserved for sci-fi style movies, but has now been bought to life to provide free shuttle rides through a notoriously busy area of its home town.

And it’s not a one off demo – this is a real working example of how this autonomous bubble shuttle bus works in a real world situation allowing Relay to learn and evolve this technology for best success.

Learn more here.

Photo: Relya via Tech Xplore

Robotic Medicine Delivery

This autonomous green machine has been designed to deliver medicine and has been tested in the borough of Hounslow, London. The ‘Kar-go’ focuses on the last mile delivery and carries up to 48 parcels at a time.

Kar-go uses AI to work out the speediest delivery route and to sort the parcels, which deploys a robotic conveyor system to deliver the medicines contact free.

Find out more about this clever design here.

Photo by Academy of Robotics/Twitter via Interesting Engineering

Zero Emission Flights

Airbus launched 3 concept planes which were designed to provide a different approach to achieving zero-emission flights.

These hybrid hydrogen fuelled planes are supplemented by electricity which is generated by fuel cells. The three approaches test out different combinations and arrangements of turbofans and turbofins.

Airbus aim to have these super slick zero emissions aircraft deployed and in service by 2035. This looks to sit in line with the UK’s target to cut carbon emissions to 78% of the 1990 levels by 2035.

Learn more about ZEROe here.

Photo: Airbus via Dezeen

The Ultimate in Personal Travel

This design aims to take you on the ultimate journey – designed to shuttle you into space for the most personal and unique journey – just don’t forget your travel sweets for your ears!

This machine has been aptly named the Boomerang as it allows you to travel to a particular point in space and back. As you can see, this is a one seater vehicle – the ultimate feeling of freedom; to infinity and beyond! ….or at least to a particular point in space and back!

Find out more about how this personal space travel design works here.

Photo:  Bruno Gauthier LeBlanc & Dave Arredondo via Yanko Design

We love looking at the future of travel, from concepts to solutions being tested on our roads today, this is such an exciting time for transport and travel. We hope you’ve enjoyed our hand picked selection of futuristic travel solutions. Check back on our social feed, as we bring you more on the future of travel.

Our final installment in our Design for Life series will focus on designs that have been conceived with a cradle to grave approach, taking full responsibility for the planning of the full life of the product.

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