Design, Development & Determination – Let’s Try That Again Shall We!

This time last year we were busy uploading all the excitement for what we thought might lie ahead in 2020 for every product design partner in our network, and beyond. Little did we truly know, just what we were letting ourselves in for, by ringing in that New Year!

Whilst for many, Covid may have presented opportunity in some format or another, many businesses and projects have had to take a back seat to allow the dust to settle, finances to become more stable and markets to pick up again.

So if you were one of those organisations who couldn’t quite realise their products or projects in 2020, we want to say to you, fear not – 2021 is your year!

If you have found your innovative insights during the year that wasn’t, then we are here for that too!

2020 may have bought with it a strong sense of sadness and disappointments a-plenty, but we’ve also observed how it has also propelled organisations to act quickly, innovate instantly and accelerate many a protocol.

Not to mention the hubbub of creativity that flourished in a time when we needed it the most.

Your Product Design Partner – Entrepreneurs

At Conficio we work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our team are built to be flexible, which means we can work with entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to realise a concept early on, through to larger more established organisations who need to extend their team of talent.

As a team of innovators ourselves, we understand your passion for your vision and our job is to really help you to bring that to life, in the smoothest way possible. We’re also realists, so we need to be responsible and ensure we are helping bring your idea to life with integrity; this means we will always challenge our clients to ensure the solution and/or the path they are taking with their product is right for the market, realistic to manufacture and flexible when it comes to the future.

We love these words depicted in the image below, from our client Chris Milner of Cineboda. They are a real testament to our ability to understand your vision and help realise it in a constructive manner. For more on this project click here.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that our guidance gives you the best chance at getting your product launched and off to market. We offer a vast range of services all under one roof, which from an entrepreneurial perspective, can save significantly in not only time, but also in terms of budget.

If you’re new to the product design environment, head on over to our product design masterclass blog, over at our Journal. Here you’ll find a plethora of articles which can really help you to better understand the design process. Alternatively, drop us a line – we’d be happy to talk you through it.

Image: Burst, via Pexels

Your Product Design Partner – Creative Agencies

Our team at Conficio really came into their own during the heights of Lockdown 1.0, when the challenge of flexing to full remote working conditions was enforced on most of us! This was a great test for the business in its own right, as it showed how little we really had to do, in order to adapt to remote working.

Critically however, it also demonstrated our value as a partner to other agencies and design houses that we partner with. During this time, we were able to reach out and offer an extended resource to partners who perhaps had teams on furlough.

Our best advice and key learns from 2020, would be to connect with a partner consultancy before the madness strikes! Create your contingency now and be furlough-ready! You never know – you might find a resource you didn’t know existed, which could really change the way your business works.

Pulling Together in a Crisis (Or Just Because It’s a Tuesday!)

Whatever your creative conundrum, we have the in-house experience and expertise to assist in making your innovation a reality.  We specialise in taking the full product design process in-house, from concept sketches through to manufacturing support.

Perhaps you are simply stuck on one or two elements of a project? Our team offer enviable electronics designed perfectly for your product, and even stand-out specialist software solutions to truly drive your product and give you the edge in your market.

Regardless of how the level of support your need, our team make a truly reliable partner, especially when the proverbial hits the fan!

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