Conficio Make Finalist at Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards

We are proud to announce that Conficio have been selected as finalists for the ‘Entrepreneurs’ Team of the Year Award’, at the prestigious Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards, London, 2018. But what makes a team and why do we think we should win?

The team at Confico have done a sterling job of establishing a business, which to date, achieves the core objectives that the business set out to realise. Early 2017 saw our founders face the risk of mass redundancy in their former organisation, so the nine-strong team made the life-changing decision to step out of the safety net and take the risks and challenges for themselves. By May 2017 Conficio was all systems go; a product design company was born. This would be a company that clients would seek out to work with. A company that would work on only the best product ideas and would live and breathe working with creative and talented clients. In short, our objective was then, and is now, to do cool stuff and be awesome at it!

In the early days of building the business we dedicated ourselves to the cause; we gathered remotely, connecting online, as well as attending meetings and events to make connections and get our fresh new brand out there – all in a bid to land new clients that would secure our futures and propel us to success. Amongst our first clients, was Richard Browning of Gravity – Known as the ‘Real Iron Man’. Conficio helped Browning to create the first wearable flying suit, which later saw Browning secure a land speed title in the Guinness Book of Records. London based cycle brand Brompton was another of our early clients, where our team were engaged to work on Brompton’s E-Bike project.

In August 2017 we finally found a place that we would call home; our sunny Stockbridge offices have proven a real hit with our staff and clients alike. Not long after settling in to our new residence we saw a real shift in our pipeline conversion rate, which seemed to signify our clients’ approval of our humble abode. This allowed us to expand our team further, ensuring that all aspects of the business were covered, from design engineers, through to marketing, finance and more. Ultimately this not only ensured we’re running a top business, but in some cases enabled us to offer a wider service to our client base.

Our business has grown from a tentative nominal pipeline, to report a significant turnover exceeding the £300k mark in year one. We recognise that our super productive work ethic and team spirit, along with our now established reputation as a reliable design house has really served us well.

With a further recruitment drive currently underway, we are always keen to look to the next generation of design talent. We love to connect with local universities to identify top work placement students, allowing us to bring fresh talent, knowledge and enthusiasm to the team as we grow.

We are delighted to be known for our creative approach, reliability, honesty and expertise, and we are honoured that our customers see us as an extension of their own teams. A client from the wearable tech sector recently quoted “Conficio are very open minded and presented a good range of solutions and services.” She concluded, “I believe I have a really good team now. I feel very excited about the possibilities.”

Doing what we say we’re going to do, offering our clients a second to none level of expertise, problem solving, client support and super slick delivery. It’s what we do, and we do it best together.

So what’s next for Conficio? Check back in to see how we fare at the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards and beyond!

You can get in touch at or give us a call on +44 (0) 1962 454 474. If you fancy a free cup of coffee and expertise come in and see us!

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